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Common questions about smart homes in Prescott

November 28, 2022
Close up security home system app on a smartphone.

You’ve listened to your neighbor discuss how he has the ability to turn on his lighting with a voice command or program his thermostat to adjust automatically. Of course, you would like to know more about how smart homes work and if they are able to positively impact your daily routine. To help you gain more of an appreciation, review these answers to some typical questions about smart homes in Prescott.

How do smart homes work in Prescott?

All of your integrated devices like lights, door locks, HVAC controls, and cameras all have an important commonality - they have to be accessible via the internet. This online networking is necessary for them to be controlled without physical contact with elements like a voice-operated speaker, central hub, or mobile security app. Your automated gadgets can even react to one another. For example, if your exterior video camera detects odd activity, it may trigger your lights to come on.

You might set up a few connected lighting elements and a Google or Amazon speaker and decide that’s enough for your smart home, but why settle for that? Instead, go with a fully integrated configuration with connected lights, cameras, HVAC controls, and other devices. Keep reading to learn why this course of action will benefit you the most.

How can a Prescott smart home benefit me?

It’s OK if you have some doubts. Flipping a light on by the push of a button is great, but you are wondering if your Prescott smart home will genuinely benefit you. As a matter of fact, it will, and in ways you might not have considered.

  • Protection: Would you enjoy having doors that automatically lock at predetermined moments or cameras that is able to deliver video updates when suspicious activity is detected? Tools such as Vivint’s outdoor cameras even have integrated ways to deter prowlers. Smart homes have a decided advantage in regards to upgrading your home’s protection.
  • Control: Because your tools are connected to the internet, means you can manage them from anywhere. Forgot to shut off your lighting? No problem. Just use the easy-to-operate Vivint app on your mobile device and solve the problem.
  • Convenience: Make your life easier by placing smart lights and locking systems on a predetermined program. You are even able to initiate an array of operations with vocal directives and a connected smart speaker.
  • Money savings: If you put lights and thermostat settings on programs and have the opportunity to manipulate your devices remotely, you have the chance to reduce energy bills.

Is it best to get 24-hour monitoring with my smart home?

Smart home access and useability are great, but what happens when emergency strikes? If you have 24-7 monitoring, those automated devices that keep you informed also notify your monitoring specialists. This gives you the chance to center your attention on keeping your family safe while the experts reach out to emergency services. The advantages of monitoring are even more impactful if a crisis takes place when you’re away from home. Just as you would for most facets of life, it’s typically smart to have someone there to support you.